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The Challenge and Responsibility of the Design World

I’m Allan Dijaya, Founder of DUA lighting. Established in 2003, we design and manufacture custom Decorative Lighting. Our main Clients are luxury branded Hoteliers, Designers and Owners.  

Current projects include LVMH ‘Cheval Blanc’ Randheli – Maldives w/ Denniston and the Flaming Beacon (awarded both interior and outdoor lighting scope for Guest Villas, Public Areas, F&B, Spa and Jetty), DoubleTree Jaipur - India with Michael McCann of Dreamtime Australian Design (F&B), Le Meridien Jimbaran – Bali with Dijaya Design (F&B) and Sofitel Nusa Dua – Bali with Wilson & Associates (Guest Rooms, Suites, Villas lighting and Public Areas artworks)….. www.dualighting.com



Three topics for discussion….

- Consumption and how Design, Quality and Materials impact it,                                                                    

- Handcraftsmanship vs numeric coded Machine Production re Community & Fair Trade                                  

- The Art of Light & Shadow re how lighting techniques & light sources can save energy!


Food Scarcity, Fresh Water, Clean Renewable Energy, Recycled Waste…..all challenges we must resolve if we are to retain paradise on Earth (not just Bali). What’s driving it – certainly population but as several international studies indicate (inclusive the United Nations & National Geographic relating to birth and mortality rates) - the world’s population growth is decelerating and should peak at about 9 billion citizens by 2035-2050 ie. an additional 2 Billion people! Fortunately for the work of the1960’s demographers who alerted us early.  We, the world, responded consciously initiating remedial actions over 35 years ago to mitigate an over population melt down and empowering our survival today.

Whew…… right!!   So if Earth’s population will eventually normalize then what’s the next collective step for this generation? DUA suggests the solution is behavioral….


A. Consumption the excessive driving force stressing our natural resources

Back in the day…. was it the 1970’s; the world seemed balanced; major wars over, depression long  forgotten, a general feeling of entitlement to a better tomorrow and the imminent environmental awakening still over the horizon…….

Yet something was terribly wrong – demographics indicated 10% of the world’s population consumed 90% of its natural resources……so what will happen when the other 90% demand the same opportunities (exploitation)???? And here we are, the new millennium w/ China, India, Russia, Brazil joining the predominantly North American & European party!

Some sources suggest we would need the collective output of about 4 Earth’s for this to happen at current levels of consumption & related waste (ref Earth 2100 – ABC Research). Clearly this isn’t an option ….! The only rational choice is to modify our own expectations and   ‘consumer’ behavior!





Design impacts consumption – in fact design (with its aggressive cousin ‘advertisement’) are undoubtedly the most powerful purveyors fueling consumption!!!  Design fabricates desire, and at its worst, breeds a feeling of inadequacy if without (need, need, need, me, me, me…..) all spun into taglines like ‘your’ life, ‘your’  world!

Design immortality may be the best design approach; designing products with the potential to satisfy our long term aesthetic values beyond transient trends & advertising spin.                                                               True, genuine inspiration to create the quintessential & timeless that can endure our fickle   emotions. If Mario Bellini, Corbusier, Poul Henningsen, Isamu Noguchi, Philippe Stark and Tom Dixon could embrace simplicity, purity & the eternal, then so can we!



Lets engage the ‘less is more’ way of life!   Design with a sense of the infinite and our own impermanence and we just may realize how less we actually need. This should be the responsibility of every Designer today prior to transforming any of our precious earth’s resources. Time to reconnect with how satisfied we can each be with the objects we cherish (remember your favorite faded jeans or comfy leather armchair you just couldn’t throw out)……   Create the irreplaceable…




There is an interesting non linear correlation btwn Quality & Energy – higher quality products do not necessarily require proportionately more energy to make!

Just think about that cheap China toy purchased for your kids with the promise of color and fun but with the durability of a butterfly!  Compare this to quality toys built by Tonka, Lego or other conscious manufacturers that can be passed down to your children’s children. Both production methodologies require about the same electricity to design, tool molds, manufacture and transport to market. Low quality is a tragic and absolute misuse of energy & resources (often non recyclable) producing junk!    This must stop…..



DUA subscribes to the quality paradigm and we will not compromise the value of quality! (quality of materials, quality of workmanship, quality of relationship - people…..)





Materials that endure – this is a conscious choice. Prioritize working with the right materials for the job and ensure design intent (form and function)…….



Reform (Recycle | Transform) & Offcut (reshape | refinish)  From a solid base of materials and excess we can turn one’s productions waste into another enterprise’s wealth! (eg. carpets, metal sheet, netting, steel pipes, construction wood etc……). It’s a logical extension of the creative process and requires more attention!



Fast growth materials such as Bamboo…with correct treatments as offered by ecoSmart’s Freemite (to ecologically remove bugs/borers) and Hydrocare (w/selective surface coatings) can extend the natural life of bamboo & other natural materials up to 2 or 3 times!



Synthetics, properly recycled (eg. Poly Roof corrugated sheets from Indonesian tetra packs) are a very effective waste recovery of Aluminum and Polyethylene.

At DUA, we believe the only thing better than recycling is to design & manufacture our lighting to the highest standards that hopefully may never need recycling...ever!




B.  Hand Craftsmanship…..

We support Artisans to create within their traditional communities  vs  numeric coded machines producing  in assembly line factories. This encourages the preservation of culture and the local economy.

Also consider the lower carbon footprint when production is localized with significant reduction in daily workforce mobilization and the energy savings when only finished products are transported to market (exclusive the waste generated from the raw materials left in place for recycling)……



DUA directly employs over 80 staff/workers and indirectly supports hundreds more! We step up to the challenge to work with the best, finest local (community based) hand workmanship and serve it up to world leading hoteliers and designers by diligently defining design concepts, developing products and delivering on time & on quality lighting and artworks. We secure valued Purchase Orders and assure performance with real time quality control of our skilled supply chain. More artisans and crafts people work within their family and community.     We raise up value hand workmanship to a 5 Star luxury hospitality platform. This optimizes sales margins so everyone involved makes a good return. Leaving more money in the hands of local people – Fair Trade .




C.  The Art of Light & Shadow ……

You can have your light & turn it on too!

Lighting techniques ……. save energy

- Daylight…………sun washed columns 

- Decorative..…… inspiring emotions 

- Architectural……direct & indirect        

- Diffused………...thru translucent media (resins, papers, glass)             

- Focused………..centre of attention (museum display cases)                  

- Reflected……….reflections off surfaces and buildings             

- Silhouette….…..casting shadows                  

- Stage…….....….spot and washed effects




Light Sources…….Incandescent vs CFL/LED ……save energy



Incandescent…did you know about 90% of the energy consumed is converted into heat not light…..!


Let me tell you a little story…….


1879                               Thomas Edison invented the filament Light bulb…..

19th - 21st Century              Man invents the car….. 

                                      Flies faster than the speed of sound…..

                                      Walks on the moon….

                                      Creates the computer, robotics, the internet,

                                      nanotechnology, decodes life (human gnome) and

                                      clones himself……

Today                             And sadly over 100 years later we still use the Edison light bulb even            

                                      though it’s the most inefficient wasteful way to create light…..hmmmm?


CFL and LEDs

Change your world…..with up to 80% electrical light energy savings. As simple as Plug & Play.

CFLs; one ecological manufacturer (Megaman) creates non liquid mercury (amalgam) CFLs for safer recovery of the heavy metal……

LEDs; Illuminance (Lux ie Lm/M2), Color Temperature (K) & Color Rendering have evolved to enable the full replacement and purity of conventional Halogen lighting.


The quality of light need no longer be sacrificed for ecological correctness.  You can have your light and turn it on too…..!

CFL & LED light sources have succeeded both technically and aestheticallyand are an entirely relevant part of the energy efficient solution today!



To change our future we must first imagine it…….. Design is not only an ethical responsibility; but an opportunity to inspire behavior to reduce consumption!

A few quotes from our Design Contemporaries……

It is a marketing ploy of huge dimensions, calculated to sell a product by covering it with a skin which smells of design.                                                                          Jasper Morrison

Video has recorded the movie. Taped music has become more real than live performance. Advertising has sublimated the product.                                                  Nigel Coates

Decoration is disguise.                                                   Le Corbusier

Apart from the desire to produce beautiful things, the leading passion of my life has been hatred of modern civilization.                                                                  William Morris

Good taste is not a substitute for knowledge.                  Frank Lloyd Wright

Design does not really interest me.                                Philippe Starck

My clothing is anti-fashion. I like things that will age, that will look better next year.                                                                                          Ralph Lauren