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Wild Wicker

Synthetic rattan random hand woven in natural brown tones

Drapped Beads

Natural silver glass beads in assymetrical drapped strands

Radial Dome

Teak wood radial slices with brass rings and fittings in deep natural browns

Web Woven

Hand made natural Halmahera light brown paper with open grid rattan peel web in espresso brown

Raw Hide

Hand woven raw hide leather bands over matt black metal frame

Wire Gallaxy

Hand welded metal wire with inner linen fabric laminated onto PVC diffuser

Spun Sphere

Hand spun hardset natural hemp rope dyed earth black w/ imported offwhite laminated inner shade


Hand forged brass rod with layered lycra and cast brass finial

Hanoi Coolie

Hand welded metal web w/dark espresso brown rattan radial weaving

Ageless Zen

Natural local dried elephant grass hand cast in offwhite and clear resin layers