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Montage Syapiq Natural Paper

Hand made light brown natural paper hand laminated on to imported PVC

Woven Natural Banana (Abaca)

Hand woven banana (abaca) & Silk fibers laminated onto imported PVC

Black Rose Lace

Imported and indigenous lace laminated onto PVC

Coltrane Light tan

Imported cotton ruffled french fabric laminated onto PVC

Colonial Antique Wicker Web

Fine hand woven rattan peel laminated onto imported french fabric/PVC

Scala Ivory Cotton

Imported scala ivory cotton laminated onto PVC.

Percaline Black

Imported percaline black cotton laminated onto PVC.

Rattan Panel Web & Halmahera P

Composite rattan web over natural handmade halmahera paper.

Red Corn Husk on PVC

Composite mosaic burgundy dyed corn husk hand laminated over PVC with an organza exterior layer.

Banana Stalk on Syapiq Paper

Composite montage red dyed hand cut banana sheaths over PVC with an organza exterior layer.

Natural Lidi On PVC

Composite lidi hand mounted onto PVC with an organza exterior layer.

'Kulit Kayu' - Inner Tree Bark

Warmly translucent, finely latticed and naturally resilient.