Maintenance & Care

Maintenance & Care

Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions

In general all DUA lighting should be handled with care for natural materials – especially the lamp shades and diffusers.
Ensure main power is switched off prior to using a dry duster to remove excess dust particles followed by a soft lightly dampened cloth to wipe all surfaces / light-sources / bulbs / globes.
Ensure main power is switched off prior to re-lamping. Work safely.
Ensure safety & balance at all times when climbing ladders to access Chandeliers and Ceiling/Wall lamps. Bead & Crystal works are fragile and are not designed to carry any weight or loads what so ever.

Crystal/Bead Chandeliers are fragile and require special gentle attention. Use fine feather duster only on all bead & crystal works.
Stainless steel will last a life time. Clean only with mild rubbing compounds & pastes. Do not use spray (liquid) cleaners which may be too harsh and over time dissolve the synthetic strings/strands.
Do not hang or suspend any tools etc. from bead & crystal strands at any time as this may distort or damage your chandeliers.

Follow any specific Maintenance and Care instructions suggested for your selected DUA lighting.

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